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Chinese people think that the future can affect the past. They say that once upon a time a very mighty and powerful man in China did not manage to become an emperor only because he was punished for his followers conducting human sacrifices AFTER his death (!!) …

For us westerners this seems absurd. But taking into account that time is probably an artificial notion (see time related articles in the Harmonia portal) and that we are not yet able to say why time arrow must be directed only to one direction, this may not be so absurd after all.

Krishnamurti - The dignity of death

A book may offer a weird insight into the matter…

Reading through Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon makes one wonder… In every line of this book you get the feeling that the author has come back from the future to try to explain to you personally why he did chose to die in such a way…

Christians dying. [Poem. Memento Mori]