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All of our cells seem to be the same from a genetical point of view. Yes? No. A new study claims that the majority of the cells in our body have from small to great differenced in their genes, due to changes in the genome as the cells divide. [1] The question of what is the thing that makes us “us” becomes more and more difficult as nre discoveries are made. With a constantly changing brain (see “brain plasticity” in Google or “brain” tag in Harmonia Philosophica portals), being made more out of bacteria and microbes than “normal” cells (see “Human body is 90% microbes and bacteria. Who is in control?“), which anyway have each a different gene pool… Difficult to see what makes me “me”. Or too easy?

TIP: The “solution” to the problem could be that we are not made only out of matter. So something immaterial makes us to be “us”…