Geneticaly modified mazel in Mexico. Argument against ecology.

A heated debate is conducted regarding the planting of a vast area of Mexico with Geneticaly Modified crops of mazel. In particular, seeds from DuPont and Monsanto are to be planted in an area of about 2,500,500 hectares – an area about the size of El Salvador. [1] Should we change the nature of plants to fit our needs? Surely technology of agriculture has saved millions of lives from starvation. But is this “ecological”? Can we conduct changes in such a scale without first thoroughly testing what we do? Well… On second thoughts, WHY NOT? Why should we wait for years of tests when people die every day?

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Ecology is good as long as it remains in the philanthropical gala level…

Anything else beyond that is ruled by harsh reality…

And if Genetically Modified seeds is not “ecological”, then surely “dying human children from starvation” is not “ecological” either.

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