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A mother who beat her seven-year-old son “like a dog” when he failed to memorise passages of the Koran has been found guilty of his murder. Sara Ege, 33, beat Yaseen Ege to death at their home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, in July 2010 and set fire to his body. She was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice at Cardiff Crown Court. Sentence was adjourned. [1]

Islamism is known for being full of hatred and oppression. Others say that whoever makes such claim simply does not know the true nature of Islamism. I am surely not in any position to speak as an expert for this faith; I know what I know based on the news I read every day.

Surely Christians have done terrible things in the course of history. Surely atheists also did some terrible things in the recent centuries. But a small detail is crucial: Christian faith leaders condemn violence. World’s prominent atheists condemn violence. The simple fact that no religious leaders of the Islamic religion come forward to condemn such actions is really frightening…

Free will. Yes, yes, yes... We have one. For the 1000th time, we have one! (ywan) [or: Religion is the Science. Science is Religion]

Religion is something inherently good. This is what Harmonia Philosophica tries to explain for the past ten years or so. But sometimes actions speak louder than words. And whether we like it or not, every passing moment is a chance to lose the trust and respect of people through what we do and say; and especially through what we do NOT do and say…

These are difficult times we live in.

Let us all try to make them better.

One announcement at a time…