Time reversal, “Time” and “time”…


Researchers at the University of Maryland have discovered how to transmit power, sound or images to a “nonlinear object” without knowing the object’s exact location or affecting objects around it using a “time-reversal” technique. [1]

The time-reversal process is like playing a record backwards. When a signal travels through the air, its waveforms scatter before an antenna picks it up. Recording the received signal and transmitting it backwards reverses the scatter and sends it back as a focused beam in space and time thus reaching the target-object.

Time is more and more used in the “reverse” by scientists. From time travels (proved to be possible by… who else? Gödel) to “time reversal” techniques we are gradually getting acquainted with the notion that Time can be handled more as a… variable and less as a “physical entity with inherent properties”.

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If time can be reversed, it we can go back to the past, then maybe time does not “exist” as we fantasize it does.

So “time” would be more correct than “Time”. Not so “inescapable” after all…

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