Bravo Mo Yan! (or the Censorship of hypocrisy…)


Chinese writer Mo Yan winning the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature is making headline news in China, with an overwhelming amount of praise, but also controversy, among internet users. [1]

Many people critisize Mo Yan, claiming that he is in favor of censorship as applied by the official Chinese government – e.g. to other Chinese artists.

But how can someone judge an artist based on his political opinions? How can someone censor an artist because he does not go in jail so as to defend other jailed artists? Do those who protest against Mo, do anything about the jailed chinese artists ? (except shouting in the Internet of course…)

The greatest mistake of Americans and Europeans is to think that censorship exists only in China. The West if full of economic trusts, political lobbyists, people in power doing anything they wish and imposing their ideas as “mainstream” throughout the Old and New Continent.

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A Chinese farmer gorwing rice and spending each day peacfully in his small house, could be more free than any European or any American spending his day in depression within a small flat.

Let’s all be happy for Mo! He deserves it!

Let’s stop being so hypocrits (Gr. Ας σταματήσουμε να είμαστε τόσο δήθεν).

The pen name Mo Yan means “don’t speak”. Maybe this is the best advice for all “civilized” people in the West who always think they know so much.

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