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A study in the Lancet says that Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can reduce symptoms of depression in people who fail to respond to drug treatment. [1]

Psychologists are cunning and have their own way of distorting the truth. And the truth is, as the same article says that up to two-thirds of people with depression do not respond to anti-depressants. So psychologists have to turn to reality in order to solve the problems their “science” cannot solve: they use things all ordinary people do every day and just tag them as a “scientific” method with a difficult name and… voilà! There you have Psychiatry! Because a psyciatrist cannot even imagine that a problem of the mind cannot be solved outside the boundaries of the “scientific method”…

Phychiatrists without a… soul. Scientific dogmatism. Everywhere.

In simpler words: Talking cuts depression.

And really: Who needs a study to know that? Go out. Talk with your friends. We are all alive and we are all going to die. We are in this together.

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