Guns, violence, stupidity.


After the tragedy at Connecticut, many “difficult” questions rose to the surface [1]. Is it bad to sell weapons to small kids? Is it bad to let supermarkets sell weapons? Is is bad to show guns and killings in every movie? Is it bad to have children watch every second someone getting decapitated, shot or stabbed to death on TV? Hmmmmmm….. Veeeeeerrryyyyy difficult questions… Will have to think about them and get back to you. Well… now that I think of it. Maybe a mountza says it all better…

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  1. tony savefski

    Have you ever considered writinig philosophy? This is really deep… really!

    1. skakos

      Are you being serious or ironic? If the former, thanks. If the latter, which part did you find… shallow?

    2. skakos

      Tony Savefsky? Έλεος… 🙂

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