Ban Wikipedia. Improve Internet.


I was recently trying to find out some details about Mercedes S600. When I wrote “Mercedes S600” in a search engine, Wikipedia page popped up first. The Mercedes corporate page was nowhere to be found! I tried another search engine with the same result! Can this really happen?!?!? Ban Wikipedia from ALL search results NOW! In an instant, the intellectual level of all Internet users will increase and the world will be suddenly more… correct.

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    […] This is what attracted me in at the first place: The chance to write something and have people know that I wrote it under a platform supported by Google! I already had a personal site back then, but surely one can understand this is not the same as having your ideas posted online with the stamp and support of a major IT player. Knol was a clear statement towards QUALITY. (and no, Wikipedia is NOT quality! Read “Philosophy and the Wikipedia inquisition” and “Movement Against Wikipedia – Part 1. Why Wikipedia is EVIL…” and “Ban Wikipedia, Improve Internet“) […]

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