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Forests are places which make us reflect on our existence. Their ecosystem, so unique and so holistic, make us wonder whether we should also try to be in harmony with the world as an ant in the forest is in harmony with the tree leafs. The forests gave Heidegger his inspiration for some of his greatest ideas. The forests frighten us at night, awakening primitive instincts long forgotten. Forests are a source of joy and refreshment on a sunny day, in ways that the human soul cannot utter in words. They were here long before we came into existence and will be long after we are gone. They are the guardians of existence.  Forests is part of us. They are our best philosopher friend and we should take good care of them. They bring out our inner self. And that can only be a good thing.

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Below I have some of the best forest and tree photos used in Harmonia Philosophica articles. Enjoy.

forestlight sunrise-among-snow Late Fall Forest Light Wp TW forest_6.jpg Forest_Fog_Bryce-152770 Carina_081014 6am108 snow-forest photos-of-a-forse-magical-forest sacred_grove Tree Silhouette Against Starry Night Sky forest forest_8 forest_9 forest_in_fog_by_EdieTH_2 Snow_Forest_2 forest_6 forest_7 forest_10 werewolf-forest-night-dark p00zbhgz SONY DSC Stars In The Milky Way forest 1-1233593493r6pB OR1889K sunlight-woods-forest forest_27 forest_28

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  1. Christophe Comps

    Hi Skakos, I would be interested by using one of those photos for a project (with limited distribution). Are you the author of those photos ? Thanks to contact me at

    1. skakos

      Hello my friend. No unfortunately no. I am not the author of these pictures, I have just found them in the Internet.

  2. Bruce Burkard

    Walking through a forest cathedral, in the silence of your deepest being, listen to the whisper of the trees that are dreaming of their awakening to spiritual life. Stilling your mind, at this time, just look and listen. The silent love and understanding you are giving the trees will be returned to you. At this time your spirit will soar to heights you never imagined. Such is the power of a forest given by God for humanity to enjoy in the silent wisdom of their hearts. However few are those who find this kind of joy, love and bliss.

    1. skakos


  3. The Wisdom of Life

    I think your point about “They are our best philosopher friend” is very salient. If we recognized biology as the communicator and ourselves as students I think we would be much better prepared to navigate toward a more satisfied experience of life. Thanks for the post and the pictures. Beautiful!

    1. skakos


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