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Atheistic Census 0

Atheists are having a ball! The Dawkins Foundation is leading a worldwide census so as to determine the numbers of atheists around the world.

But… wait a minute!

How can an atheistic site begin an objective census on religiosity percentages? Well, the answer is simple: IT CANNOT! The very word “census” is misleading. Not too honest if you ask me – especially for the Foundation of Dawkins…

The caption of the picture says more than the picture: “This chart shows 2005 percentages of people who believe in god in Europe. Numbers have improved since all over the world. Part of the point of the census is to show progress and build momentum. The more the merrier! Enjoy“.

IN OTHER WORDS: “We are at war and we want to win! (EVEN do a non-scientific census but still name it Census)”. And no, the words “for fun” (which in any case are absent from the official census page here) do not fix things…

Atheistic Census 3

My two cents in the discussion…

Most religious countries are more poor. In money. Not in things that count...

Most religious countries are more poor. In money. Not in things that count…

I have news for you atheists: No one is “at war”! Nothing is “improved” if a percentage of believers or non-believers is increased! The world is One! The world is about Love. The hippies have said it, but someone else said it too long ago. Maybe so long ago that we have forgotten it.

Hawking died. So what?

We should stop being so much over-consumed by our will to conquer our enemies and learn that traits like forgiveness and love is what separates us from the animals. A fake “census” on the Internet will not show the way to “victory” (and this applies to religious people as well).

The tables have turned and atheism, along with money, is the new trend. And trends come and go. Atheists should be really careful not to become the “bad” type of religion which has turned so many people away from God.