Being an atheist, being in power…

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  1. NotAScientist

    First of all, the pic you posted is utter nonsense.

    Secondly, in what way is the ruling an atheist one? In fact, the ruling said the woman could wear her cross. Which I think it was right to do.

    1. skakos

      The pic is great. It may sound a bit too much, but claiming that everything is based on “nothing” IS “too much”… 🙂 And I did not say that the ruling was an atheistic one. I just mention the fact that atheists are starting to make discriminations against theists. And surely that ruling was a way of letting us know that these things happen.

      1. NotAScientist

        “but claiming that everything is based on “nothing” IS “too much”…”

        And if anyone was claiming that, it’d be an interesting pic. As atheists specifically aren’t…it’s just stupid.

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