A-7 Corsair II or… Saying goodbye to a friend!

It served well with the Greek Air Force.

And now it is time for it to retire.

One of the most innovative aircrafts of all times, with a great range and a great “stamina”. Kept going when other “stopped”…

Saying thank you to a machine sounds strange for a philosophy portal. But again, I wouldn’t care less.


A7 1








And of course A7 has a long standing career in other air forces as well…

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If writting what you feel is what it needs to make you a philosopher, then this could be potentially be – in a very weird way indeed – one of my best philosophy “non-philosophical” posts…

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  1. pickledwings

    Great article. There’s nothing wrong with getting philosophical about machines if they serve particularly well.

    I recently wrote an article about the F-101 Voodoo interceptor on my blog. I was in my early teens when Canada retired its Voodoos. They guarded the country well for over two decades, you don’t just throw that away.

    1. skakos

      Thanks! Couldn’t agree more! You have a great blog there!

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