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Once upon a time we had slavery. Once upon a time we had this…

Cotton pickers overseer on horesbackAnd this:

abeslide5And this:

3994234_f496But then some people decided this was all too much…


Why have slaves and have the obligation to shelter them and feed them? Doesn’t anyone think of their poor master who lives in wealth while he can live in… MORE wealth?

So we invented… Human Rights!

And now we work for the same people, under the same pressure.

Now we have this:

Plataforma de Atento

And this:


But all these without the “problems” of the past. Now the poor master (called “employer”) does not have to feed us or shelter us.

Outsourcing problems…

Now we have to pay everything our selves. Now we have this:


And this:


But we have Human Rights! What we always wanted!

The only thing we missed to clarify was WHOSE human rights were those…


Slavery is over! Over? Not!