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A blind man can see more...

A blind man can see more…

Knowledge is earned difficultly.

Through the ages, humans conquer parts of the truth. And along the way, useless and redundant pieces of “knowledge” are accumulated. The great filter of Time is what distinguishes true knowledge from illusions of truth.

What remains after after thousands of years is what one must hold on to.

Forgot Hitler? Repeat! Forgot again? Repeat!

hesiodosThe most precious gems, are created only after thousands of years of pressure and heat in the most harsh environment down at the guts of the Earth. Myths are the gems of our civilization, distilled after thousands of years, after thousands of lifes, after thousands of deaths… And the fact that modern humans tend to ridicule myths are just another indication of our decay.

The Metamodernist Manifesto. Turning in cirlces. Go back to the beginning…

With legends we understand things that are greater than our selves…