Iran, US, torture, finesse…

The revelation of a machine used in Iran for punishing criminals, has created a public outrage in the “civilized” world. (1, 2)


Of course! When will this “primitive” country stop using such crude devices?!? When will they start being more civilized like the US is? At last! When will countries like Iran learn civilization from us (and… US)?

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The Texas death chamber in Huntsville.
Death in the “civilized” world (e.g. in the United States) is delivered with… finesse!

Look at the chamber of death above. Look at the finesse. Look at the high quality. Pure Civilization, don’t you think?

OK then.

Let’s make a war to spread it.

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  1. The Wisdom of Life

    Hypocrisy served with a side dish of ignorance and washed down with a swill of self-righteous bias seems to be mankind’s favorite meal. I wish I could say I have never had the displeasure of tasting it.

    1. skakos

      And let’s not forget some fries with that too… 🙂

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