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Cells containing DNA have emerged as the first evidence of life in a subglacial lake in West Antarctica. On January 28, a U.S. research team retrieved water from Lake Whillans, which sits 800 meters below the ice surface. The water hosted a surprising bounty of living cells. [1]

Scientists are excited. People are excited. But should they?

Life seems to be everywhere in the Universe. Places which we though as void of life (such as the oceans’ abyss, hostile volcano lakes et cetera) have been discovered to be full of living organisms. We either have a very wrong definition of what “Life” is, or we are facing one of the most profound characteristics of our cosmos, which seems to be inherently “designed” to support and create life anywhere (even in Mars and the Moon as we will soon discover), anytime.

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Which of the two possibilities would you wish to be true?

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  1. skakos

    Anything bringing back good memories is good… 🙂

  2. Sean Marx

    Snow blowing across the tundra – brings back good memories

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