Mental trauma. Passing along generations…

Sandy Hook School Shooting in Newtown, Ct.

Experiencing trauma early in childhood can lead to mental health problems in adolescence and adulthood, but mild to moderate trauma could also have an unexpected upside for some survivors, making them better able to cope with stressful situations later in life.

Previous research has shown that the behavioral effects of trauma can be passed down to the next generation — but this research had only demonstrated that this transmission takes place with trauma’s negative effects, such as depression. Now a study on mice, recently published in the journal Nature Communications, suggests that the adaptive benefits of trauma might also stay alive in families through the years. (1)

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More and more do we see how biology can be affected by things which sound and are immaterial. Invisible connections seem to rule our visible life.
The human soul is immortal.
Love is eternal.
Be kind.
Love people.
That love will come back to you.
In ways more direct than you can ever imagine…

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