Detecting nuclear explosions, “detecting” nuclear explosions…


The new are full of headlines on how CTBTO managed to detect the nuclear blast of the North Korea recent test. Through sensors – both seismic and even radioactivity sensors (really?) – the agency is said to be able to determine even the type of the device tested. (1, 2, 3)

This is what technology and science gives us!


Think again!

It is all a matter of prejudice. As modern fortune-tellers, scientism lovers feel oblidged to  We THINK we can detect a nuclear explosion with the detectors deployed by CTBTO only because we ALREADY know a test took place!!!

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Simple, yet the TRUE ESSENCE of our “capabilities”. Have we not known the “bad” N. Korea would do any test, we would still be discussing various theories on what this “unexplained” phenomenon might be…

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