Cancer, germs, scientific prejudice…


Many times a man has an idea. An idea so odd that other people think he is insane. And it is only after many years that this man is vindicated.The case of cancer is one of those cases. Pathologist and bacteriologist Royal Rife had been saying more than 50 years ago that cancer is caused by germs and microbes. He even managed to cure many cases of cancer by fighting off those germs via a device which created specific electromagnetic frequencies, according to writer Barry Lynes. Back then, Rifle was ridiculed. (12, 3)


Now, after so many lives are lost, we know that many types of cancer are caused by germ infections, like the Human Papilloma Virus or helicobacter pylori… (see The Lancet or here)

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It is not a matter of conspiracy. I cannot really believe that all those people wanted people to die. It is just a matter of resistance to new ideas. And this resistance must be fought fiercly, way before we fight the resistance of cancer cells to die…

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