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The pressures of severe air pollution have prompted China’s environmental watchdog to consider pushing forward a legal ban on barbecues in densely populated urban areas. (1)

Ecology is a trend.

But most of all, ecology is an excuse!

Because after all, which one of the two below do you really believe is to blame for the pollution in Beijing?

Notice the evil eyes of that lady who tries to cook her meal without giving a damn for the global-scale climate devastation she will inflict on us all, thus leading the deaths of thousands of millions of people!

Look at the same time see the excellently organized and idyllic factory which produces “useful stuff” with the minimum possible effect on the environment…


Coal pollution and global warming in Linfen China

The first, will be banned and pointed at as “Guilty”. The latter will continue to operate without any restrictions. Ecology is the excuse large companies use to make profit and pollute, while passing their guilt to other.

And to whom are they going to pass it to?

But who else? The only ones who cannot protest! The ones who can easily accept their role. Masses are easily affected and manipulated. And companies know that.

Chernobyl, Kara Sea, life...

YES! Ecology is something good! And we should all be in harmony with Nature, we should all be ecologists!

But we should continue doing BBQ!

We should continue using air-conditions if we feel hot!

We should continue using fast cars if we want to go fast.

And we should stop thinking that we are the ones to blame!

We are not!

Even if I recycle my plastic cup for the nect 60 years (let’s hope I live this long), my personal contribution to the environment’s salvation will be the 0.00000000000000000000001% of the contribution that the installation of filters in ONE industry in China will have…

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