Internet, interconnectivity, 19, dancing…

Visual representation of the Internet
Visual representation of the Internet

Although there are currently said to be more than 14 billion pages on the Internet, a new study shows that navigation between any two of these pages should take you no more than 19 clicks — that’s how interrelated everything is.

Good and bad.

Smart and dumb.

Beautiful and ugly.


Like dancers who share their love for music, we all share our love for WWW. And while dancing on the same floor we may accidentally bump into each other… If your rhythms match, stay and dance together. If not, simply smile and dance your way through…

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There is room for everyone! 🙂

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  1. λαμπάδας

    Λογοκρισία! Ντροπή! Αίσχος

    1. skakos


  2. λαμπάδας

    Δεν … ? Με το … ? Αφού …

    1. skakos

      Σίγουρα! Συμφωνώ!

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