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A Journey to Mars… The story of our lifetime…


A team led by millionaire and former space tourist Dennis Tito plans to send a “tested couple” to Mars and back in a privately funded mission. [1]

The Inspiration Mars Foundation plans to start its one-and-a-half-year mission in January 2018. The mission planners wanted the crew to consist of an older couple whose relationship would be able to withstand the stress of living in a confined environment for two years.

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What more romantic, than travelling your last – (possibly) fatal – journey along with your loved one. I really envy the ones selected.

But wait a minute…

Aren’e we all doing the same “journey” every day?

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  1. The Wisdom of Life

    Good point.

    As far as the couple, it would be a long stinky ride in more ways than one if something happened to one of them in close quarters though. We have the luxury of abstract layers of distance here.

    1. skakos

      Indeed such a journey could bring despair in many ways. Alone there in a small spaceship, travelling for years. But again life can too bring despair, if you look at it in a weird angle… 🙂

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