Matter into antimatter and vice-versa…


A particle with an identity crisis could provide the next big discovery at the world’s largest particle accelerator. Researchers report online March 5 in Physical Review Letters that the D meson has been caught in the act of flipping between matter and antimatter. (1)

Change is shirfing between states.



What happens if you constantly change from one state to the other?

Imagine a particle continuously changing from matter into antimatter. A change happening every second, without stopping. It seems as it changes, but this is also too close to a situation where this particle is actually something else: neither matter nor anti-matter. Just “something” which manifests itself into two different types of existence.

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Constant change approaches stability in a weird way I cannot express.

Could matter and anti-matter just be an indication of a deeper unity in the “things” existing (exist < εξ-ίσταμαι) ? A thing called “energy”?

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