Category: Psysics

  • New particles. Yaaawn….

    Scientists working at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland have discovered two never-before-seen subatomic particles, the nuclear research facility announced. (1) Yawn… Go to sleep again. It was nothing. Have already written about that. (search for “particles”, “physics” et cetera)

  • Validating theories…

    Two USC researchers have proposed a link between string field theory and quantum mechanics that could open the door to using string field theory — or a broader version of it, called M-theory — as the basis of all physics. “This could solve the mystery of where quantum mechanics comes from”, said Itzhak Bars, USC […]

  • Light. Right. Left.

    How can a beam of light tell the difference between left and right? Tiny particles have now been coupled to a glass fiber. The particles emit light into the fiber in such a way that it does not travel in both directions, as one would expect. Instead, the light can be directed either to the […]

  • Breaking barriers…

    Viewed through microscopes similar to Hooke’s, most cells are see-through and colorless; it’s hard to discern fine features. Due to diffraction, the bending of light, objects smaller than about 250 nanometers — the size of the smallest bacteria — are fuzzy when viewed through an optical microscope, if they can be seen at all. (Consider […]

  • Light crystals. Matter. Energy. Mind.

    Researchers at Princeton University have begun crystallizing light as part of an effort to answer fundamental questions about the physics of matter. The researchers are not shining light through crystal — they are transforming light into crystal. As part of an effort to develop exotic materials such as room-temperature superconductors, the researchers have locked together […]