Gang rapping: A “priviledge” of G20…


Another woman – this time a tourist from Switzerland – was raped in India.

The woman was camping with her husband at a village in Datia district on Friday during a cycling trip when they were attacked by seven or eight men.

The assailants overpowered the husband before gang-raping his wife. [1]

You see, it does not matter that India has no sewage, that it has no hygiene whatsoever, that it has everyday rapes, that whole segments of their population is considered inferior just because “tradition” says so. All that matters is that it is big and it has money. This earned her a place in the prestigious G20 and the right to be called “civilized”…

Do not misunderstand me. I am not trying to condemn a whole nation. Surely all states have problems. Greece has also some. But I do not see any of the “great” politicians of the western world critisize India for any of the abovementioned issues. Because when it comes to money, everything else is not important. And I cannot stand having my country fucked every single day by all “civilized” nations because GDP is 2% lower than expected and not see ANYONE say something about these things to the all-mighty-powerfull-all-is-well India. It seems that besides back office operations and delivery, we have also outsourced “civilization” to India.

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Fucking stupid world. Fuck you “world”!

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