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It is really astonishing how humanity insists on forgetting the fruitful role of failure in our lives.

We actually tend to believe that success happens just out of the blue: a person thinks of something innovative and he then materializes it. It’s all a happy story. As simple as that. That person managed to be so creative because he was… creative!

Wisdom, brain speed, Godfather...

Simple, huh? NOT!

Reality is all too much different.

A person cannot be innovative or creative just… Because! Someone gets creative when he has failed a thousand times to perform a task he thought easy. We tend to be innovative only after all-too-many attempts have proved a total catastrophy. Only after all too many plans we schetched have proved problematic.

Science: Work, luck and... well, nothing else!

An innovative idea is the grandchild of Failure…

Not only must we not be afraid to fail, but we must see failure as a dear friend.

Welcome failure!