De-historization, De-Berlinization…

Berlin Wall... A memory... Forgotten...
Berlin Wall… A memory… Forgotten…

A German property developing firm has removed parts of a historic stretch of the Berlin Wall amid heavy police presence, despite a week of protests. Builders removed four segments of the so-called East Side Gallery stretch on Wednesday morning to open access to a building site for blocks of flats.



East Side Gallery

Some 250 police officers were deployed as the sections were dismantled. The re-development project has sparked outrage among citizen groups, who say the site is a symbol of freedom. [1]

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I was always wandering how old temples, walls and buildings were burried beneath leayers of other newer temples, walls and buildings… Now I see this de-historization hapenning in front of my eyes. Forgetting (Gr. Λήθη) is a much more important function of humans than remembering…

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