Synthetic vaccines, natural fears…


British scientists develop a new way to create an entirely synthetic vaccine which does not rely on using live infectious virus, meaning it is much safer. [1] Safer for the virus it is supposed to kill, that is… Because if vaccines based on live viruses have problems with success rates, I can only have nightmares on the success rate of something purely artificial.


According to the scientists, this kind of vaccine has less probability to turn into an infectious form. OK. I get it. But the final goal of the vaccine is to help the organism eliminate the threat. If you do not imitate the threat correctly (and a vaccine based on a virus could be potentially dangerous, indeed), then you are not helping the organism develop its defences properly. Sure it is a dangerous thing to have a gun in your house. But if you are a police officer, I think you kind of have to… If you want peace prepare for death. And any kind of war entails the probability of death…

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Our fear of death and our aversion to nature, will finally make our society so sterilized that we will be soon dying like flies out of a winter flu…

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