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Α US judge has ruled that ReDigi, a company which allowed customers to resell their digital music “second hand”, breached copyright. ReDigi billed itself as the first legal way to resell music bought online – but soon provoked the ire of record labels. It was sued by Capitol Records in January 2012, and on Monday a New York judge said ReDigi was making unauthorised copies of music. The ruling could have broad implications for digital reselling. [1]

The more “electronic” the information becomes, the more elusive it gets and thus difficult to control. At the end, everything will be in the thin air, available for everyone to see and use.

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In a sense, before humans invented writting and “captured” information on a piece of paper, this was always the case…

The Universe is open for us all to explore, with data in the form of “spin”, “electromagnetic fields” or “gravity waves” being there available to “read”. And no judge can rule against that.

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