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TED is supposed to be a platform to facilitate the organization of talks about interesting subjects by interesting people. But when Sheldrake decided to talk about 10 dogmas of modern science (one of which is related to non-localized consciousness, which, according to the speaker, can exist outside of our brain) and when Hancock decided to talk about consciousness, dreams and psychedelia then the atheists of the world reacted. And their reactions led to the semi-censorship of these two talks: they were removed from the official TED Youtube channel and posted to the TED Blog instead. [1]



Reactions have been building up in the Internet. (see here, here and here)

Despite of whether TED responsible people are dogmatic themselves or they were just intimidated by the atheists’ protests, one thing is for sure: science is on the verge of a great paradigm shift with consciousness (and the immaterial phenomena related to it) as the main guide. And no protest can change that…

One can see these two lectures in Youtube…