Be a rebel! Cut the tube!

2013-04-24 09.16.19

You cannot even imagine how much cream is left inside a hand cream tube after it is SUPPOSED to have finished.

The tube plays a very specific role in todays consumer society: It makes it difficult to use the product, usually forcing you to use MORE than needed (in case you extract more cream by accident, there is no way of getting it back in) and – more importantly – makes sure that you will buy a new one long before the whole product has been used!

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See for your self…

Find a cream tube from which you cannot extract any more cream by squeezing and cut it half with a pair of scissors and look inside…

PS. The same applies for many other products as well. Women should also check their lipsticks… When they “end”, there is much more inside the “base” of the lipstick. Just use a small brush to use it.

Because acting is the best philosophy…

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