People think what we see is in our brains. Like a small camera obscura. But Sheldrake reminds us of the obvious: What we see is not in our brains but we see it outside of it.

A simple idea that could trigger a simple “huh?” by the haste reader.

2013-04-22 23.23.48_2

Think about it though: Even if you perceive this page you now read through your image “in the brain”, you position it ouside your brain! [1] You understand it IS in front of you AND NOT inside you! Your vision, your mind, “extends” to it. Somehow when we see the stars, our consciousness extents towards them so as to touch them.

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It is something we know as children. But then we are taught that everything is IN the brain and this inherent knowledge of this simple fact is lost. As simple as that. As simple as you can spell “dogma”…

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