My stroke of Insight: Connecting to the One!


An awesome talk by a neurologist who had a stroke. Look at it here.


Random thoughts…

Left brain: The “I”. Serial processor Leans – Thinks linearly and methodically. It is about the past and the future. Take the collage of the present moment and think about details, categorize, associate the past, project into the future. It thinks in language. It is the one which says “I am”.

Right brain: The “We” inside our brain. Parallel processor – Interprets this present moment. Kinesthetically learns through the movements. It connects all people together as One.


They communicate through Corpus callosum (300M fibres).

The critical moment.

Having a stroke. Lose the left hemsphere. Like an esoterical experience. Like watching your self from somewhere outside your body.

Could not define the boudaries of the body. Could actually hear the body talk. (now you must walk) Could just detect energy. Silence. Magnificence of the energy inside me. Felt enormous and expansive. It was beautiful there.

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What more evidence do you need to believe to change Paradigm?


Then the left hemisphere went back “online”. Beauty from the One was lost. You feel bad. Cannot feel your self. Cannot connect to your self. You cannot squezze the enormousness of your self in that small body the doctors “resqued”. Sadness.

We are the lifeforce power of the Universe. We can choose who we want to be! Select the “We” you have inside your “I”.

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