Why the Nazis actually won…


We consider WWII as an event which resulted to the defeat of the bad, evil Nazis. Yes! We – the FREE and CIVILIZED world won the evil guys with the Hugo Boss uniforms! (yes, they were designed by Hugo)

But is it really this true? I think not.
Let’s consider some examples of how things went on after the war…

1. Communism was finally crashed into oblivion (the MAIN political goal of Hitler – he always considered communists his greatest enemies and that is why he was so reluctant to attack UK and he even tried to offer them a truce!)

2. Modern space program continued based on V2 missiles and we finally got to the moon with the lead NAZI scientist leading NASA.

3. Western medicine followed the example of Mengele to the full extent: We are every day bombared with news about how genes control our behaviour, how genes are responsible for who we are, how genes can change, how the genome can be manipulated et cetera. Poeple kill their unborn babies because they could have a disability or just because… they feel up to it. (it is my “right” they claim) The experiments of Mengele were not an exception in the scientific community. Mengele was one of the many, working as an assistant professor at the famed Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genetics. After WWII no one from this Institute was accused for anything… wrong (!!!) and the scientific academia did not find anything “weird” about these experiments. You may know the insitute in its current name: Max Planck. [1We tend to overlook that eugenics actually started in the US and that many “civilized” countries had extremely “good” eugenics programs for years after WWII! (see “Science, Eugenics and why Nazis won after all…” for more on that)

The dream of the Nazis for creating the new Arian race is going on. We are the heirs of that plan.

Every time I consider WWII I think about all the above. And I realize that WWII was like the case of Romans and ancient Greeks: Romans conquered the Greeks, only to be conquered back by their civilization. But in this case the West is not conquered by any “civilization” but by the terror of inhumanity…

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Your thoughts?


Before you answer maybe you would like to know that the psychiatrist who treated the captured Nazi leaders committed suicide. (source) He could not stand what he discovered: That Nazis were NORMAL people like everyone else. They had nothing exceptional, nothing that made them “exceptions”. And what is more he found out that they shared two traits: They were goal driven and tireless workaholics. “Their like could very easily be found in America”, he wrote.

Our modern society has grabbed all too many characteristics of the Nazi society.

  • We tend to overlook the extended bureaucracy and the strict state control under which we all live – things which were perfected with the Nazis as mass-control methods.
  • We tend to overlook how much power is shifted from the individual to the state during the last years.
  • We tend to overlook the fact that our education is so much connected with the industry conglomerates – something which also started with the Nazis.

dulles 01 skakos

The Allies were not so much “against Nazis” (see “Allies trading with Hitler – Economic games during World War II” for a very good analysis of how Allied forced did business with Hitler even DURING the War!) as they were in favor of their methods of doing business and making money…

CIA – the “tool” used by West to manipulate politics on a global basis – was based on German Nazis. CIA Director Allen Dulles was the one who provided the German industrial conglomerates the legal tools to move money where they wanted. (see here and here and here)

So next time you are asked who “won” WWII be more careful.

Someone might be laughing behind your back…

DISCLAIMER: I am against the Nazis. Just a note for those who will read fast through the post…

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