Greece. Misinformation. ERT.


The Greek PM closed the national TV broadcaster.

Media in Greece talk about “thousands” who protest against this “fascist” decision.

Media abroad reproduce what media in Greece say. [1]

Stupidity and misinformation propagates. Aggressively.

A channel with 4% ratings and with almost zero productions of any logical quality (with one “Third” exception which just verifies the rule – making everyone “suddently” love classical music), a channel where all the political parties used to appoint voters, a channel where people get paid €150,000 just for doing nothing, a channel which said NOTHING about the 2,000,000 people who lost their jobs from the private sector all these years, a channel which is paid by the Greek citizens via a do-what-I-tell-you-or-else-I-will-cut-your-power tax is suddently the culmination of “objectivity”, “freedom” and “democracy”.

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Stupidity and misinformation propagates. Aggressively. Masses are mindless. And need to be manipulated. They deserve it.

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