Probiotic yogurt, antiretroviral medication, good, evil…


After commencing consumption, yogurt consumers experienced an additional increase of 0.28 cells/μL/day (95% CI; 0.10-0.46, P=0.003). When adjusting for length of time using antiretroviral medication, the additional increase explained by yogurt consumption remained 0.17 cells/μL/day (95% CI; 0.01-0.34, P=0.04). Treatment with antiretroviral medication was associated with an increase of 0.27 cells/μL/day (95% CI; 0.17-0.38, P=<0.001). (1)

It is crucial to understand that even the most dangerous diseases can be managed with natural ways. Nature has a medicine hidden inside every herb, plant, food, animal.

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Taking that even further from a philosophical point of view, we could say that every evil hidden in the cosmos has its equal “light side” counterpart somewhere.

Positive and negative exist everywhere. Together.

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