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After commencing consumption, yogurt consumers experienced an additional increase of 0.28 cells/μL/day (95% CI; 0.10-0.46, P=0.003). When adjusting for length of time using antiretroviral medication, the additional increase explained by yogurt consumption remained 0.17 cells/μL/day (95% CI; 0.01-0.34, P=0.04). Treatment with antiretroviral medication was associated with an increase of 0.27 cells/μL/day (95% CI; 0.17-0.38, P=<0.001). (1)

Bionic hands, mind, brain, misunderstandings...

It is crucial to understand that even the most dangerous diseases can be managed with natural ways. Nature has a medicine hidden inside every herb, plant, food, animal.

Taking that even further from a philosophical point of view, we could say that every evil hidden in the cosmos has its equal “light side” counterpart somewhere.

Peer review by patients! Understanding the Universe...

Positive and negative exist everywhere. Together.