Where is memory stored? NO, we do not know!


Once more, another article claiming we have solved the problem of where memory is stored. (1) Atheists/ materialists are so eager to tag this problem “solved” that they have no issues in simply lying openly.

But true science is not about who claims to have solved something.

True science is about ACTUALLY and ACTIVELY seeking the truth, while being humble in the process…

Multiple experiments have shown that memory is not even stored in the brain…

Read Mind,  Morphogenetic fields, Quantum physics…. Maybe also have a look at “I know the “involved” mechanism. (and other science jargon tricks)” post or the Philosophy  Wire: Brain, Memory & Plasticity against materialism. Or see here and here for all articles tagged with ‘memory’ in Harmonia Philosophica.

READ ALSO:  Atheists, Materialists – Can they have “enemies” ?

Being hasty does not provide answers. It DOES provide though with a good indication of what your intentions are…

PS. See John Lorber research on patients with loss in the celebral brain cortex to see why one experiment cannot tell the truth (NDE and other consciousness without brain references). Check out for “Hasty Science” as well…

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