Flu, failed vaccines, modern medicine not working…

Body as a Machine

Some antibodies to flu viruses may actually make patients sicker, a new study of pigs suggests.

The finding, published August 28 in Science Translational Medicine, may point to problems with catchall influenza vaccines. (1)

Todays medicine unilaterally treats symptoms only. But the real disease remains deep inside. Medicine must target humans as a whole and not the individual parts. Our cells, our bodies, the other humans, the universe – everything is One. Disease is a warning – a friend which tells us that something is GENERALLY wrong. Modern western medicine, instead of pushing humans to unite with the One, it makes them draw closer onto themselves so as to “heal”. It treats people like machines until finally it “kills” them. You do not cure ulcer. You fight the cause that creates ulcer. (2)

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Feel the world around you.

The meaning of healing is ecclesiastic (unite with others), not atomistic. If we keep on seeing the parts instead of the whole, we will soon realize that we are at a dead end. Parmenides was never before so much apropos.

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