Memories, illusions, arrogance…


Scientists claiming to be able to delete specific memories. [1] The important detail: the “deletion” was made by inhibiting the process of the formation of memories DAYS after the events that created the memories. How could that happen if that inhibitor only blocks the formation of memories? And how could the blocking of the creation of memories solve the problem of WHERE the memories are finally stored? How can we know NO other memory was affected? By some simple tests “do you remember this game”? And how can we know that the memory is deleted or if we just blocked its recovery?

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The key point: “scientists are not yet sure why powerful methamphetamine-related memories are also so fragile”.

We are playing with importan things like baboons are playing with a typewriter.

Like inventors who just don’t know why their new toy works. Just scratching the surface… Will we have the openmindness required to understand the true discovery when we see it?

Not being too eager to draw conclusions will define the final “winner”…

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