Flat EEG, brain activity, assumptions…


New never before detected brain activity is found in patients with flat EEG. (1, 2)

The first important note: It is not referring to a “flat” EEG”, but to Burst-Suppression brain wave patterns.

Second note: No, this is not an explanation of NDEs.

Unless we believe that some oscillations of the current flowing into hippocampus is equivalent to “life” or “brain activity” which allows vivid conscious experiences. If yes, then we surely carry around too much waste of useless brain…

And if only this small part of our brain is required for consciousness to exist, then surely the “complexity” arguments that materialists use become obsolete.

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What is truly important is that life minimum requirements are generally on the verge of reducing to almost zero. But we know life can exist with brains as small as that of an ant’s – so why would such a discovery be a “revelation” anyway?

Finding the bare minimum that holds us alive, could indeed be key in discovering life’s true meaning. Everything can be an electrochemical cell. The point to ask though is when this cell start… Being.

From Daniell Cell to living consciousness, there is along way…

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