Drugs as a way to release the mind (?!)


A researcher. A thinker.

And yet, a drug user…

Every place will hold its secrets from you. You can never see the Amazon jungle, if you keep intact the bubble of linguistic assumptions of the place you started out from. (Terence McKenna discusses if reality is real)

Culture and ideology are not your friends. This is a hard thing to come to terms with because some kind of alienation lies at the end of this thought process. Culture is not you. Culture is for the convenience of culture. How many times have your sexual desires, career aspirations, financial dealings, aesthetic inclinations been squashed, twisted, rejected and minimized by cultural values? (Terence McKenna, The Universe inside)

Mystery didn’t die with the fall of Atlantis. It still exists in every moment. It just lies behind the barrier of courage. (Terence McKenna, The Universe inside)

Wherever and whenever the ego function began to form, it was akin to a cancerous tumor or a blockage in the energy of the psyche. The use of psychedelic plants in a context of shamanic initiation dissolved – as it dissolves today – the knotted structure of the ego into undifferentiated feeling, what Eastern philosophy calls the Tao. (Terence McKenna, Food of the Gods)

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Try to free your mind.
Try to let go of your brain…
It is just a distraction.
Focus on what you don’t see…
Hear what you don’t hear…

As Green Day said it so eloquently… “As soon as you’re born they make you feel small“… Try to grow beyond what you have learnt as “correct”!

Most of the times something evil lurks behind totalitarian bans like the “all drugs are evil” motto… In the old days the most wise men took (natural) “drugs”. Now drug addicts are just “ill”. Think about it: when was the last time Society or the State cared SO MUCH about your health? …


Could even TED see the truth in that? Could state control of consciousness be the evil behind a seemingly good advice? Check out…

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