People experiencing heaven when dying. (1, 2, 3, 4)

From the case of Do Piper (90 minutes in Heaven) to many other cases, there has never been so overwhelming data regarding the existence of all the things Jesus once talked about. Data gathered in an objective and scientific way that should make all non-believer believe and all atheists stay silent. Imagine what would happen if atheists had ONE such a case which proved any of their beliefs. However, almost nothing has changed. People continue disbelieving as if they live in 400 B.C.

Old dogmas are hard to get rid off. Where is good science when you need it?

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If we think evidence are so much important, why not look at them? If we think observation is so much important, why not pay attention to what we observe?

If we think reproducibility is so important, why not admit the obvious?

It is something we once knew.
Something we have now forgotten…
It looks familiar, but we are not quite sure…

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