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Universe, Life, Divine.


Ancient alien life might have been incubating on strange exoplanets just 15 million years after the birth of the universe. Although nothing more complex than microbes could have existed back then, the possibility may poke holes in the notion that the universe is fine-tuned for human existence. (1)

But why is that notion so important?
Why is the anthropic principle so important?
What are some (atheists?) really trying to do by making such comments?

What is really more divine?
The idea that the Universe is made for humans to exist?
Or the idea that the Universe is made for life to exist in general?

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Listen to the stars.
Feel the cold space.
It is full of life.
It has ALWAYS been full of life…

You are part of something important.
Something bigger than you.
Something poetic.
You know it.
You have felt it.
Are you ready to accept it?

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