Mindfulness’ meditation. Gene expression.


It’s no secret that mindfulness meditation – a practice that encourages focusing attention on the present moment – can ease emotional stress. And evidence is mounting that mindfulness also may have key benefits for your physical health – from lowering blood pressure to helping curb addiction. But a new study conducted by researchers working in Wisconsin, Spain, and France shows that mindfulness can even affect your genes. Specifically, the study shows that mindfulness can limit the “expression” of genes associated with inflammation. (1)

Philosophy made easy with science.

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The only trick, is to be able to see the evidence in front of you.

Let go. Don’t think too hard. Just accept them.
Analyzing amazing observations TOO MUCH can alter them to disappearance, the same way meditation alters genes…

Too much thinking is synonym to dogmatism.
A free mind just feels the cosmos as it is.
And guess what: This is the ONLY way…

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