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Ultrasound. Brain. Letting go.


Ultrasound May Boost Brain’s Performance, Study Finds: The researchers recorded the participants’ brain responses with electroencephalography (EEG), electrodes on the scalp that measure the electrical activity of the brain. The ultrasound weakened the brain waves that encode the tactile stimulation, they found.

But the next set of experiments revealed something truly strange.

The researchers conducted two tests of sensory perception. In the first, participants feel two pins against their skin and must distinguish whether they are being touched at one or two points. The closer the pins are to each other, the harder the task. In the second, researchers blow a series of air puffs against the participants’ skin, and they must determine how many individual puffs they feel. The faster the puffs, the harder they are to discriminate.

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Instead of these weak brain signals translating to poorer sensory perception, people’s performance actually improved on both tests. (1)

The more you try to concentrate (intensify your brain waves?) the less acute you become to the cosmos. The less you think, the better. Let go. It is the only way to grasp the essence of the cosmos.


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