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RoboEarth. Human Earth!

A world wide web for robots to learn from each other and share information is being shown off for the first time. Scientists behind RoboEarth will put it through its paces at Eindhoven University in a mocked-up hospital room.

Four robots will use the system to complete a series of tasks, including serving drinks to patients. It is the culmination of a four-year project, funded by the European Union. The eventual aim is that both robots and humans will be able to upload information to the cloud-based database, which would act as a kind of common brain for machines. (1)

We humans used to have that too. We used to understand each other. We used to be interconnected. And we gave all that up for being interconnected with fake FB profiles and bots.

Echoes from the past… Ghosts in the machine…

Let’s just hope that our creations will not follow our example…

Every child should be better than its parent…

A machine in the Internet, a human in the woods. Everything is natural. Harmony is to be preserved. Soon nature will take its way. Soon the forest will echo again with human laughter… Human Earth will rise again!