Supersymmetry, “multiple solutions”, interpretations…


Squarks, selectrons and neutralinos may be lurking in the universe, say physicists who suggest supersymmetry — the idea that every known particle has a yet-to-be-discovered sister particle — is not dead, despite the lack of evidence found in its favor.

The world’s most powerful atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), has yet to find evidence of the existence of such particles (super-symmetric particles), though perhaps physicists are not interpreting the data in the right way (in particular of how they interpret the so-called “multiple solutions” available for every collision data), said particle theorist Ben Allanach of Cambridge University. (1)

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Science has become a giant Babel tower where everyone interprets the evidence in his own way. But this is not weird. This has always been the case. The anomaly stems from people who BELIEVE (not a random choice of words) that one opinion is more “correct” than the other based on their own assumption (“models” they call them)…

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