Bill Wootters of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts tries to make quantum theory to be based only on real (and not imaginary) numbers. In his quest to do so, he has formulated a theory of a “master bit” called u-bit, which transcends the whole cosmos and interferes with all things. This is the only way to solve the “information loss” problem of current quantum physics theories (when a wavefunction collapses, it takes a specific real number value as compared to the multitude of complex values it can take before the collapse), while it also makes the whole theory more intuitive. The bad news is that this theory means that quantum computers are not possible to make. (this u-bit interacts with everything – you cannot isolate a system as we imagine we can do) (1)


We keep discovering other names for what the old ones knew a long long time ago before us. Something magical transcends the cosmos. And we feel it in every aspect of our life. We need it to give meaning to what we see, whether this is quantum theories or simply… life!

Denying it is like denying our very own existence…
Or simply as denying quantum physics. 😉

Nothing can have meaning unless something gives that to it… Whether you call Him “God”, “human”, “Maria”, “chair”, “ideas”, “consciousness”, “aether”, “quantum field” or… “u-bit”, God is here!

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