Hawking, black holes and how everyone is right!


In 1974, Stephen Hawking found that matter and energy can escape a black hole through what is now known as Hawking radiation. However, he contended that the radiation would be so scrambled that scientists could never work backwards to understand what fell into the black hole in the first place. This violates a basic piece of quantum theory, the idea that information cannot be destroyed.

In 2004, Hawking had a change of heart and admitted he was wrong about information loss. However, no one is quite sure how information could escape a black hole. Information radiating out of a black hole is not compatible with general relativity, and destroying information isn’t possible within the confines of quantum theory. So, who is right?

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Well, I have the solution: Both are right!

And… well I will leave it to scientists to discover the rest!

After all, isn’t this how we formulate theories? Choose AT WILL our axioms and work our way from there… Right? Right!

Everyone is right! Harmonia is the key: Harmonia Philosophica.

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